Loving is a politicle task - Article by Achim Ecker about the decay of focus and dedication in the German intentional Community ZEGG. He and his partner Ina are two of the founders of ZEGG.


ZEGG-Forum? - ?A ZEGG-Forum - A Journey through the Heart of Community?:
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Forum - Taking to a Common Human Stage (Permaculture Magazine):
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Communities Magazine Winter_13; Energy use:
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Observations by a visitor:
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Ina speaks about ZEGG-Forum


About Ecology and Travelblog:


Ecology and Sustainability at the ZEGG Community

"Energy at ZEGG" Communities Magazine – Winter 13

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Soil Restauration; This is an article by Achim Ecker on Soil Restauration from the example of ZEGG. It was published in 2011 in the Ecological Key of the EDE Training.

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Ithaka Institute by Achim Ecker
Reforestation with biochar

Terra Preta Production-GEN News:
Soil Restoration and Carbon Sequestration using Biochar
Waterless Urinals - Charging Terra Preta at ZEGG

American Travel Blog

Mexico, November 2008
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Ecuador, 11th to 29th of December 2008
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Colombia, 29th of Dec. 2008 to 8th of January 2009
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Peru, 21st of Jan. to 15th of February 2009
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Amazonia, 8th to 17th of February 2009
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Brasil I, 17th of Feb - 12th of March 2009
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Brasil II, 16th - 28th of March 2009
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Mexico and beyond 28th of March - 8th of April 2009
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USA, Part I, 8th - 25th of April 2009
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USA, Part II, 20th of May - 9th of June 2009
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