Sonnenblau-3.jpg For your team, your community, your work environment ... we design the workshop you need.

If you are a group working together, a community, a co-housing project, an ethical business organization, and you feel limited by your work atmosphere, inhibited by envie, distrust and power struggles; if you want to be more efficient and increase cooperation, together we can design just the seminar that fits your needs to become more coherent in your group.

We offer the following building blocks in your specific training/seminar:

  • Introduction to Spiral Dynamics and the evolution of consciousness
  • IOSA Integral-operational systems constellation work
  • The Work that Reconnects/Deep Ecology exercises inspired by Joanna Macy
  • Introduction to Collective Intelligence and systems theory
  • Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry and Theory „U“ by Otto Scharmer
  • Trust building and group communication skills
  • Spiritual training to integrate and accept what is
  • Empathy - Deep inner listening and awarness
  • Effective and gentle ways towards personal growth and healing in relationships
  • Introduction to and training exercises from Worldwork/Process Work (DDI)
  • Possibility Management - by Clinton and Marion Callahan
  • Forum and its underlying ideas/world view
  • Different ways to facilitate Forum (issue focussed, personal, action...)
  • Integral Life Practice (ILP)
  • Presentation and information of the Ecovillage Movement (mainly ecovillages in Europe)
  • Information about sustainable livestyles, ecological building and permaculture
  • ZEGG ecovillage presentation


Earthhaven-37-01.jpgWith our process work we support inner awareness and create social transparency and empathy

In our experience trust is created when processes in the community/organization are transparent and understandable for all involved. Empowerment happens with every person who shares his/her deep feelings and motivations in the centre of a group's attention. The more we learn to support each other in this openness the more the whole group grows in solidarity and in efficiancy. The more we open up, we can learn that our our permeability is our greatest protection and the best solution to shed false identifications.

The universal communication of the future seems to be a gentle and fearless contact. Forum can be used for staff training and to resolve conflicts by more openness and social transparency. It can be used to grow personally in the mirror of others. In our work we raise inner awareness and create clarity and transparency.


Statement by Kelly Bryson MA, MF,

Why do I say Zegg Forum is the Future of NVC (Nonviolent Communication)?

As NVC Trainer Robert Gonzales recently said in a Trainers Teleconference, "Community" is the Future direction of NVC. And I have come to believe we need community building tools specifically designed for the job. This is where The Zegg Forum comes in. Developed at ZEGG, it is the foundation of over 13 highly successful, and powerful communites there and is used worldwide in all sorts of organizations, networks and communities. After over 26 years of teaching NVC, I have come to believe this kind of training is what is needed to help people grow and sustain their NVC practice and communities. So join us and learn how to use this powerful, transparency and transformation tool to start and grow your own compassionate, truthful and trusting community!