Workshop Summer Camp


Beyond ideas of right or wrong doing,
there is a field, a singing field.
I'll meet you there


We work process oriented in the big group, but also in many exercises in small groups to reveal collective intelligence, strengthen our perception, and trust among the participant. We create personal experiences, impulses for growth and unreavel youe inherent vision. Within a learning field all involved see themselves as learners.

To create a success oriented atmosphere in a team we need 5 factors: Communication, Cooperation, Creativity, Guidance and Responsibility. Many individual actions will merge to an effective whole. Powerfull teams are united in an open human contact and partnership and clear goals.


Oriente"So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it."
Jiddu Krishnamurti



The evolutionary change needs new leadership qualities. The necessary social competence is made up from two ingredients, the ability to benefit from conflict and the ability to cooperate. They seem to be contradicting abilities. The competence we train is a balance between self realization and social competence.

With short theoretical inputs in our courses we create the knowledge basis, or the firm ground from where to start venturing into our own inner emotional depths and shadows. This allows the participants to go into deep inner processes without the fear to drown. In ZEGG-Forum we invite you to an opening journey into our inner universe and into being seen by your community of friends. ZEGG-Forum offers a deep and intimate process which is very gentle, inviting and touching. What we do could best be described as a medium for authentic perception for oneself and others.

"We create cracks in the foundation of our conditioned live. Later the cracks will become gaps where new things can happen. We don't aim to finish or to fix any situation. We  give impulses, shed a light, make the concepts or baseline we all function on visible, and then trust life to do it's magic. It is about surrender to not-knowing how it will look like when it is healed. It is beyond our hands and beyond our willing. We stay with that openness, with that gap. There might be moments that feel scary or unprotected, but it is live at work, moving and changing. Life is always flow and cannot be tied down. We need compassion and insight in our interdependentness.
We offer a healing environment where people are invited just to be, to be together. It is a space of permission to be who I really am. This space in itself will create trust, connection and transparency. We will guide you in this inner and outer journey towards joy and the resolution of old patterns of pain under the benign eyes of the others. There is nothing original inside of us that deserves hiding. Forum creates trust, bonding, encouragement and can be enjoyed." - Achim Ecker

It is about diving deep into the human and cosmic soul and being present free of fear. When this exists there will always be a longing for community and freedom to love. When I can express what I really want without fear and where I feel attracted, I will be authentic and deep. On this path I will also come across everything that stops me from expressing freely, all patterns that keep me limited, small and in fear. I can find the courage to face it, perceive it and heal it. I can learn to unfold my full potential.

To go beyond

Herbst09.jpgIn our work we are inspired by Thomas Hübl, an Austrian spiritual teacher. We have been training with him for more than two years. Here we found a strong tool to be more effective in personal and cultural healing and to reach a state where psychic fears do not dominate us any more. The goal is to cultivate the witness within us. The space that knows that we are not our body, our feelings nor our thinking. These are all processes that we can witness. Who is the witness? Can we perceive it?

The great gift of ZEGG-Forum and its magic consists in the convergence of awareness of self, openness to let others see and perceive me and the "mirrors". Here the full quality of collective intelligence comes into play.

In our work we question concepts. Concepts meaning descriptions and ideas about reality, as well as theories about reality. We want to go beyond the mind into the where we are able to experience reality directly, not through the filter systems of some theory or believe system. High social and inter human values form directly in the open hearts of the people.
Inner peace and a space free of fear are created whenever I allow myself to arrive in the middle of all the others with whatever is inside of me.
Nothing more.