Ina in WorkshopBorn in 1961, trained originally as a teacher, has been a passionated peace and environmental activist from her youth. When she joined the community, she was involved in the guest department, in giving community trainings, and in working at the communitiy’s children’s house. Being, sharing and learning with and from people was and is her passion.

She was one of the founding members of the ecovillage ZEGG where she has been active in various ways since 1991. For many years she was executive secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe, (, which supports the implementation of sustainable communities in Europe. Since 2004 she is involved in Gaia Education (, a holistic approach for education for the future. She has been a communications trainer and supervisor for 20 years, specializing in building community, creating transparency and trust in group processes. She is familiar with Non-Violent Communication, Deep Ecology and other methods which support people to share from the depth of their hearts.