Love is life fully lived in all of its aspects. When we use the word „love“, we mean the mature, adult love. As Wilfried Nelles, a German author puts it: The love of the heart is not a relationship, it is a state of being, an attitude. Love is nothing other than an open heart, and one without any condition. Love arises through loving. The experience of being loved follows loving like a shadow. All that matters is the question: Do I love enough?

Of course, love also includes that one accepts and loves oneself as one is, and it includes the love for the others as they are. This is a natural consequence of coming home to ones heart.

To love oneself means also, to love ones sexuality, to love ones masculinity and ones femininity. When we love in this sense, we can no longer determine our sexuality, how and with whom it has to be, we let it have its independence instead. We will enjoy letting it even if this may cause inconvenience to us. We will learn to trust our sexuality, when we entrust ourselves to our sexuality and love.

Love has a unique quality: it is not consumed, but it grows, the more one loves. Loving is the river, love itself is the food. Loving, not being loved, fills us and makes us satisfied. Love as a state of being, an attitude is nothing personal. It is a force that exists beyond us, a universal force, something very specific. It exists regardless of whether we notice it or not, it is a child of freedom. It is not feasible, not able to be wanted, not controllable — it simply is. It was always there, in us and around us.

To follow your heart can be very painful. If the heart expands, it hurts. It always means letting go of something familiar, especially the farewell to longings of a young child.

Love requires our surrender. We become by surrendering. This is literally the "task" that love imposes on us. Everywhere, where love is, it is the love for the "Earth".