If you can imagine to find and mobilize at least 15 friends or other people, contact us for terms and conditions. We can design a course idea that fits your needs. Be it in your company, work team, community environment.

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08.02.18 - 15.03.18

Venue: Ängsbacka

Welcome to the Ängsbacka EDE!

What if we approached today’s challenges as opportunities to unleash our creativity in designing sustainable solutions for ourselves, our communities and the planet?

How can we come together to empower each other, take action, and multiply our positive impact in the world?

How can we cocreate just, peaceful, caring and dynamic local communities that actively regenerate the world within and around us?

03.03.18, 10:00 h - 06.03.18, 14:00 h

Venue: TBA

ZEGG-Forum Training

Invitation to a profound inner journey

Cortijo 27

With Ina and Achim - ZEGG Community.

“Experience the magic of a group of individuals
merging into a short-term community,
building trust with every person who shares her/his inner values,
and dares to be seen!“

This Training offers a deeper understanding of the ZEGG-Forum communication process. It creates more consciousness about our feelings and supports us to become more mature and alive adults.

The special focus will be love, sexuality and partnership.

06.08.18 - 09.12.18

Venue: ?

Taller-AtlantidaFormación de facilitadores de Forum

FECHA:  Agosto 6.-12. y Diciembre 2.-9. 2018 (en Español)
con Barbara Stuetzel y Achim Ecker

En este formación profundizamos el proceso del Forum. Conocemos los factores para crear cohesión, empatía y confianza en un grupo. A partir de esta base aprendemos métodos como implementar transformación individual y procesos de crecimiento para todo el grupo. El enfoque mayor será en el rol del facilitador, su actitud, motivación y el trato con su sombra personal.


17.08.18 - 22.08.18

Venue: Alexandros Centre

Forum 16 13


with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker

ZEGG-Forum Workshop

An intensive workshop on ZEGG-Forum & community building with an emphasis on the foundational issues of Love, Partnership and Eros. Train with Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker, long term teachers of Forum at the ZEGG-Community in Germany. In building community social issues like conflict resolution, transparency, awareness, rank and love are key.