If you can imagine to find and mobilize at least 15 friends or other people, contact us for terms and conditions. We can design a course idea that fits your needs. Be it in your company, work team, community environment.

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05.08.17 - 06.09.17

Venue: USA Tour 2017

ZEGG-Forum Trainings

August/September 2017

Deepening Love – Deepening Community

Invitation to a profound inner journey.

With Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker from ZEGG ComWorkshop EH 3munity.

ZEGG-Forum Deep Immersion Experience - A Journey to a Better Understanding of the Mindframe and Worldview that Support and Sustain ZEGG-Forum work

For experienced ZEGG-Forum practicioners only!


contact: Leslie Greenwood at

12.10.17, 10:00 h - 15.10.17, 14:00 h

Venue: TBA

ZEGG-Forum Training

Invitation to a profound inner journey

Cortijo 27

With Ina and Achim - ZEGG Community.

“Experience the magic of a group of individuals
merging into a short-term community,
building trust with every person who shares her/his inner values,
and dares to be seen!“

This Training offers a deeper understanding of the ZEGG-Forum communication process. It creates more consciousness about our feelings and supports us to become more mature and alive adults.

02.11.17 - 05.11.17

Venue: ZEGG

Leaf-mulchwith Achim Ecker, Brian Holden and Kerstin Neumann

In this hands on workshop we share and present, what we have discovered in many years of theoretical search and 4 years of practical experimentation at ZEGG.

Terra Preta (black earth in Portugese) is the name for permanently fertile black soils in the Amazon region. Only in the 1990s it was discovered that they were manmade. They contain charcoal, our „inner valuables“ and organic waste, and are very useful.

In this workshop we want to share current knowledge, we want wo produce biochar and show the whole process of producing Terra Preta substrate.