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“Wherever you may grow to, I want to expand my heart.
How high your longing may reach, I let you follow it.
If your heart leans to another, I want to share your love;
if mine strives to another, I pledge to never ban you from my heart.
I strife for truth and know us united in truth;
so I ask you that I may walk my path, wherever it may lead, with your blessing;
and that you may walk your path, wherever it may lead, with my love accompanying you.
Truth is the sole food to nourish our love”
Safi Nidiaye

  • Personal growth with compassion and insight into our interdependedness?
  • How can I see and use the benefit of all conflicts?
  • How can I listen with empathy and express myself fully?
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German austerity policy for southern Europe:
Not in our name!

Or: go on holidays in Greece, Mrs. Merkel!

Open letter to the German Government

We, the German participants of the international GEN+20 Conference, distance ourselves from your policies.


ZEGG-Forum US-Tour 2015, Welcome!

"Why do I say Zegg Forum is the Future of NVC ?
As NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Trainer Robert Gonzales recently said in a Trainers Teleconference, "Community" is the Future direction of NVC. And I have come to believe we need community building tools specifically designed for the job. This is where The Zegg Forum comes in. Developed at ZEGG intentional community (www.zegg.de), it is the foundation of over 13 highly successful, and powerful communites there and is used worldwide in all sorts of organizations, networks and communities. After over 26 years of teaching NVC, I have come to believe this kind of training is what is needed to help people grow and sustain their NVC practice and communities. So join us and learn how to use this powerful, transparency and transformation tool to start and grow your own compassionate, truthful and trusting community!"
by Kelly Bryson MA, MF, www.LanguageOfCompassion.com

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What is the ZEGG-Forum?

The ZEGG-FORUM is a ritualized form of transparent communication for larger groups. One person, “the presenter” steps into the middle of the circle of the group and acts. It is like an existential stage, which includes the whole person with his/her physical and verbal expressions, his mind, his creativity and his feelings.
It is much more than a technique. ZEGG-Forum is a culture building process based on world views of high human and ethical values.

We developed Forum in 1978 to make all processes within a group in a longterm social experiment transparent and understandable for all involved. Since then we keep changing and expanding it. It was born from a desire for truth and healing, both personal and global. Forum creates an empathic social environment that supports us to stay present with all that is inside, however it may feel like. There is nothing wrong inside of me.

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How do we work?

We work process oriented to reveal collective intelligence, strengthen our perception and trust among the participant. We create personal experiences, impulses for growth to unreavel my dream. Within a learning field all involved see themselves as learners.

The evolutionary change needs new leadership qualities. The necessary social competence is made up from two ingredients, the ability to benefit from conflict and the ability to cooperate. They seem to be contradicting abilities. The social competence we train is a balance between self realization and social competence.

We create cracks in the foundation of our conditioned live. Later the cracks will become gaps where new things can happen.

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