Deepening Love - deepening Community

7.04.2017, 19:00 h - 9.04.2017, 16:00 h

Wusi space, London

ZEGG-Forum Training

Deepening Love – Deepening Community

Invitation to a profound inner journey.

With Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker from ZEGG Community.

Gemeinschaftskreis2010 1“Experience the magic of a group of individuals
merging into a short-term community,
building trust with every person who shares her/his inner values, and dares to be seen!“


This Training offers a deeper understanding of the ZEGG-Forum communication process. It creates more consciousness about our feelings and supports us to become more mature and alive adults.
In this experiential training we will create a deeper perception of who we really are as human beings. Together we train deep listening and sharing in a healing and powerful setting of a group.
We connect with our inner centre and with the centre of others – from there we can see with new eyes. We will gain a profound understanding of the positive powers of our feelings and learn to see them as our allies to create connection.


Formación Geraldea 16 27


ZEGG-Forum was developed as a creative communication and feedback tool to create transparency and trust in a group. It is a personal process in a social context and a powerful tool for transformation. It opens an empathic social space that supports us to stay present. The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true.
ZEGG-Forum creates trust, openness and transparency between people. A person connected with his or her own inner truth, no matter how wounded, is always beautiful and the process of seeing will create love. It is more than a technique - it is a culture building process based on high
human and ethical values.
Learning to be with our feelings & emotions. We will learn to connect deeper with our genuine feelings and distinguish past emotions from the present situation.
We will experience our feelings as social powers instead as destructive energies. This work connects directly with our full potential and supports each one of us to bring it into life.
We will work with the whole group in circle, in small groups and individually.
All levels of experience welcome.

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Wusi Space 4 Broadway Market Mews, E8 4TS London

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